Vegan Sugar. What is it?

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Veganism is not only a type of vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians do not eat meat, and normally we refer to vegetarianism as a vegetarian diet. The difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegans also do not wan’t to consume ANY products that involves the suffering or exploitation of animals.
Vegans for that reason don’t eat anything with animal derived ingredients, such as eggs and dairy products. Most vegans do not eat foods that are processed using animal products. One of these products is sugar.

Why Do Vegans Avoid Pure Cane Sugar?
Because pure cane sugar comes from a plant, many people believe that it is vegan. This is not true. Although it comes from a plant, it is processed using animal products. The reason that vegans avoid pure cane sugar is because of how it is processed. Cane sugar is processed in two different locations, the sugar mill and the refinery. When the cane sugar goes through the final purification process, it is filtered through activated charcoal. This charcoal is from either animal, vegetable, or mineral origin. It is difficult to know where the activated charcoal was derived from.

What Is Vegan Cane Sugar?
The most popular type of vegan cane sugar is beet sugar. Forty percent of the sugar produced in the United States is beet sugar. The reason that vegans prefer beet sugar is due to the way that it is processed. Unlike pure can sugar, beet sugar goes through only one method during processing. After it is processed in the sugar mill, it does not get sent to a refinery, where the final process uses animal processing.

Do Pure Cane Sugar and Vegan Sugar Taste Different?
There is absolutely not difference in the taste and appearance. Most consumers cannot tell if they are eating cane sugar or vegan sugar. The problem that many vegans come across is that the packaging on most beet sugars do not label that it is, in fact, beet sugar. Often times, vegans simply avoid using table sugar. Because the labels are not labeled appropriately, many vegans do not want to take the chance.

Can I Purchase Vegan Sugar that is Truly Vegan?
If you are looking to purchase sugar that you can be sure is vegan, you can check your local health food store. Many of these stores have a vegan section, where you can find sugar which is appropriately labeled.
Another great option for vegans is unbleached cane sugar. It is considered to be healthier than white table sugar. This sugar differs in color. It is typically between light to dark brown. While it may have some trace nutrients, the amount is so little that it would not make a difference.
Just because you have decided to become a vegan, it does not mean that you have to give up the sweet taste of sugar. As long as you know what type of sugar to look for, you can give in to your sweet tooth without violating your beliefs.


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