Vegan vs Vegetarians. Is not about the diet.

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Differences between vegan and vegetarians.

Is not about the diet!

There is a basic difference between vegans and vegetarians. Those who consider themselves vegans will eat no animals or animal by-products such as milk, eggs and honey.

It is important to understand that vegans are concerned about the animal rights and don’t want any product that involves animal cruelty of any kind. So it is not ONLY about food but mainly about the rights of the animals

Not partaking in any class of animal exploitation is the vegan choice.

Vegetarians, on the other hand avoid meat, fish and poultry, but some lacto-ovo vegetarians will consume eggs and milk products as part of their diet, and the focus of their choices are mainly about food.


Vegan and Vegetarian Choices in the supermarket.

If you want to go vegan you can go into any supermarket these days and you will find plenty of vegan and vegetarian dietary choices. There is dairy free milk, soy milk, dairy free cheese, dairy free butter,rice milk, almond milk, tofu based ice cream, other soy products such as edamane, tempeh and miso.

Other than soy based protein sources there is Seitan, a wheat based protein substitute for meat.

vegan supermarket


How to adapt recipes.

Any recipe that you used dairy for, you can substitute the nondairy equivalent. For breakfast you can make blueberry or carrot muffins, using dairy free milk instead of milk, and egg substitute instead of eggs. You can have your cold cereal with rice or almond, or soy milk. You have the choice to prepare oatmeal with fruit,cinnamon,maple syrup or plain. There are few breakfast dishes that cannot be altered to suit a vegan. The substitution of dairy free milk, margarine and egg substitute, can allow you to make vegan pancakes. Using tofu and berries, you can prepare a tofu smoothie.



Vegan recipes ideas. Is vegan food boring?
Not at all!

For lunch you can make spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, or zucchini spaghetti. Using dairy free cheese, you can make a vegan pizza adding your favorite vegetables. Instead of a meat hamburger, you can grill a portobello mushroom, add a slice of onion and tomato, to get a delicious vegan burger.You can make pasta, and have it with a marinara sauce, or add vegetables to it, to spice it up. There is plenty you can do with beans, to make them the consistency of meat, in order to prepare vegan sausage, vegan sloppy Joes or meatballs.


For dinner, you can prepare a vegetable stew, or any kind of vegetable soup, for example, butternut squash, cauliflower, or zucchini. Follow this course with a salad made with seared cauliflower,arugula, dried cranberries and hazelnuts, or a cold spaghetti salad with vegetables. You could decide to have a bowl of vegetarian chili, made with kidney beans,peppers, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots,onion and celery.

For something different you can serve your family a vegan mac and no cheese dish, using ground up cashews, red peppers,onions, nutritional yeast, garlic and onion powder. Mix ingredients together and then bake for 45 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

The variety of baked goods one can prepare is as endless as your imagination. Chocolate cake, blueberry pie,vegan cupcakes, carrot cake are only a few of the bakery items that can be made vegan. Instead of milk, use dairy free milk, instead of eggs use either artificial eggs, applesauce, a mashed banana, or tofu mixed into the cake mix. The benefits of a vegan or vegetarian diet outweigh eating with animal products and high fat and cholesterol items such as milk, eggs and butter. Studies have shown vegans live longer and healthier than non-vegans.

Do you agree with the differences between vegan and vegetarians? Please leave your comment.



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