Plants feel pain too!

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One of the things meat eaters say sometimes is that plants feel pain too and because of this reason they feel vegan choice is as ethical as eating meat.

There are many ways to think about this but I feel that the most important is to understand the difference between the feelings of animals and plants.

Also if where true that indeed plants feel pain then the ethical choice would be to only eat fruits and nuts.
Fruits are part of the plant reproductive system. Plants WANT you to eat their fruit and then go shit it somewhere…
Even if the plants hace feelings I bet the LOVE to reproduce. All sentient beings love sex.

Also in order to feed animals in factory farms a lot more plants are killed that if we only eat plants directly.

The point is always raised as an EXCUSE to eat meat, never as a real ethic dilema as what to eat to do no harm.

It is the same as the people who ask you what about bacteria o parasites. Is just a way to try to justify the taste for meat.

This issue is coming from the absolutist perspective. Thinking that since I cannot be absolutely ethical I shouldn’t be ethical at all because I would be end up causing pain anyway.

With this kind of thoughts we might as well decide to kill humans, since we need to kill animals anyway.

I don’t agree with that at all. I think this is a big misunderstand of veganism. Is not about being perfect or absolute.
Is about living a peaceful lifestyle that reduces the amount of suffering for humans and for animals.


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